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Two local Christmas Bird Counts will take place this month, the first on Saturday, Dec. 20 in Ingham County and the second on Saturday, Dec. 27 in Eaton County.  Tom Wheeker (517-628-3843) is in charge of both.


The first meeting/program of 2015 will be on January 8 at Fenner Nature Center at which Ron Eggleston will present a history of Fenner.  Ron has been a member of CAAS since the mid-eighties.  He served on the Fenner Board for 16 years and as its president during the transition from a City of Lansing-operated park to the installation of the Fenner Conservancy.  Fenner has a long and rich history which Ron has documented with pictures of the land, the  building, and the people, past to present.



Upcoming Events

December 20:  Christmas Bird Count for Ingham County. 

December 27: Christmas Bird Count for Eaton County.

Jamuary 8: Meeting and Program: History of Fenner, presented by Ron Eggleston.



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Bluebird photo in masthead courtesy of Roy Van Loo Jr.